Of work and personal projects - scroll down for clips in full length!
CBL x Eva
Clip for Lemonade Insurance I made for their Instagram campaign. Very fun project featuring some 3D character cuteness! Sounddesing by Phil Brookes
A ultra short film i made during the She Drew That and Strangebeast residency of 2020. Me and two other amazing animators got a good look behind the scenes of being a director and worked on our films for four weeks. You can find all of them here
IOA 2020
I was asked to design and animate digital trophies for the 2020 Inside Out Awards. The award honores achievments of inhouse design teams across the UK
Check 'em out!
A personal project I did last year together with animation pro and general superstar Robin Keast. It got selected into Pictoplasma 2020 and was pick of the week on cartoon brew - both amazing honors! It's a fake shoe commercial btw.
Pixel Pec company Ident
Pixel Pec - a production company I've worked with for a long time asked me to design and animate an ident for them. Lovely project combining different styles!
Coding DaVinci
Explainer project. It informs the viewer about a cultural hacking event taking place each year in germany - and also about what cultural hacking actually is (in german). Designed and animated by me, with sounddesign by Yaschar Scheyda
Albert - the most exciting thing.
A music video. This is an older project but still dear to my heart.
Lovely song and total creative freedom made this project a blast!
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